Today is brought to you by the letter ‘A’

Yeah I know, it’s been awhile.  I have lots of things whirling around my head, lots of things that have happened this summer that should be worthy of my eloquent way with words. Sometimes though, inspiration hits to write about something at the oddest time.  This week inspiration stems from apple orchards (haaaaaaaaaa! Stems!  Get it?  I’m awesome) and my children abandoning me.

Because we are so ridiculously popular and socially engaged, our weekends this summer were bananas (well, we can live vicariously through our kids social calendars, right?) No really, our calendar looked like Will Hunting had puked all over it – it would make no sense to anybody looking at it, but made perfect sense to Jo and I, like a beautifully choreographed ballet (sigh, I’ll get my culture fix anywhere these days).

So last weekend found us with nothing to do on a Saturday.  Nothing to do between the hours of 1 pm and 3 pm that is.  We breathed deeply and thought oh how lovely, a couple of hours to do nothing.  Nothing. NOTHING. Tick tock. After five minutes of doing nothing, I got twitchy.  I looked at the girls on the computer, and then looked outside the window at the beautiful sunny day.   I looked at the girls, looked outside. I looked at the girls, looked outside.  Looked at the girls, looked outside.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  “Let’s go to the apple orchard!” I blurted out.  Jo looked at me, tenderly put his finger to my lips and said “shhh, shhhh my love, let’s just relax and enjoy each others’ company” (*needle scratching on record sound*) – Okay, that was Jo-as-my-Ryan Gosling-imaginary-husband who said that.  The real Jo grunted something along the lines of the wtf, why do you have to cram every hour with something would you just chill out we’re not going to a damn apple orchard.

So we didn’t.  And he was right, by the time we got there, we would have had about 45 minutes to enjoy the orchard.  This enjoyable experience on a deadline would have gone a little something like this:

Hurry up on the hay bales! No you can’t do them one more time! What? Oh alright, one more time, but hurry up! I said ONE more time, not a KAJILLION more times!  Why don’t they ever LISTEN!

Don’t get lost in the maze we don’t have time to get lost in the maze!  What are you doing!?  Get out of the maze!  You’re going to get lost!  Arrrrgh!  Jo go get Edie out of the maze!

Omg, that lady totally cut in front of us, how rude.  Do you see what she is teaching her children?  Do you see that?  I am so angry right now, I am so very ANGRY!

GIRLS!  Let’s GO! We need to go NOW or else we will be LATE!

Laugh a minute right?

But by not going I became very sad.   Initially I shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself huh, if we don’t go to the apple orchard this year, we can always go next year.  But then I started thinking that the girls are getting older, and our time is limited for these kinds of outings.  I think I have been taking for granted that the kids will always willingly, enthusiastically go the pumpkin patch/apple orchard/Santa Clause parade/insert random childhood delight….  We can certainly make a tradition of some of these things, but I do miss the sparkle of a five year old kid’s reaction to an outing like this compared to the almost sympathetic look in Grace’s eyes when I drag her somewhere.  It’s like she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings (which is so nice of her) and humours me by going along with my crazy ideas.  Well, it could be worse, she could be rolling her eyes and locking herself in her room (I imagine that’s the next chapter, isn’t it). I get the feeling Edie still willingly tags along because she knows here is usually sugar in one form or another at the end of the rainbow – girlfriend puts in her time.

So, from me to you, enjoy those early years.  Free up your calendar of shit so you can go to the apple orchard for hours on end, let them jump on hay bales until they decide they don’t want to anymore.  Let them get lost in the maze until they make their own way out.  Feel sorry for the lady who is in such a rush that she cuts in line in front of you.  Instead of saying “Let’s go NOW” say “Shall we go?” at the end of a lovely, lovely day.